The world's first true loyalty program for music

Music Miles is a loyalty and rewards program for music listeners. Like an airline’s frequent flyer program or a rewards card for your favourite coffee shop, Music Miles allows you to earn points and status when you listen to your favourite music on Spotify and use them to redeem exclusive benefits like pre-sale tickets, meet & greets, merchandise discounts, VIP guest list access and more…

Earn points and get recognised by your favourite artists

Earn points simply by streaming your favourite music and achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum listener status for your most-streamed artists.

Access rewards directly from artists

Music Miles allows artists to offer rewards, experiences and exclusives directly, which can be redeemed with points earned by their listeners.

Merchandise discounts, VIP guest lists, giveaways, meet & greets, access to shows and live streams, exclusive content, and so much more can be offered directly by artists to their listeners.

Track your listening habits

Why wait until December to get wrapped? Music Miles keeps you up to date with your listening habits in real time. You can track your top artists, songs, time spent streaming and so much more. Stay up to date with your entire listening history, from your daily and weekly habits to annual trends.

music gamified

Earn badges for achieving listening milestones. Such as ‘Hour of Power’ and ‘Five and Seven-day Listening Streaks’, when your daily music fix includes the same artists on repeat. Plus there are ‘Genre Badges’ for when you just can’t get enough of one particular sound.

Share the badges you achieve straight to Instagram stories!

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Sit back, listen, and get rewarded

Download the Music Miles app, connect your Spotify account in a few clicks and start earning points immediately. When you listen to music on the train, in the car, at home or at the gym, you’re automatically earning points on any device.